Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stamping gone wrong...

Last Friday I had a girls night at my house which was a blast. What's a girls nigth without some stamping, right? We got a little crazy and made already ugly lengerie even uglier. As a joke for my cousin's bride to be, my Aunts and Mom pulled out the Stazon and Sharpies to create a one of a kind item. You'd never imagine that sentiments such as "take joy in the little things" or "you're invited" could be dirty. With a little stratigic placement they take on a whole new meaning. We were laughing so hard I was crying.

My Aunt Julie's caught red handed working on it in this photo. I can't show you the finished product since I can't promise all my readers are over 18, lol!

I was so bumbed I had to miss the shower to see her expression. I ended up having to work through the night before the shower and was exhaused. I woke up just before she opened it and heard the laughter on my Moms phone.

Now I'm thinking I need to make a joke wedding present too. Humm maybe an old school scrapbook in hunter green with gaudy stickers and things hot glued to the cover? I think almost everyone get's that "one gift" at their wedding where they are just left scratching their head wondering how they'll use it. I think I could do a good job of coming up with something. muah ha ha ha ha!

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Denise... said...

Oh man! I was hoping there would be at least one picture!