Monday, January 21, 2008

Lined B-Day

Why oh why don't I use my gel pen more often? Wow was it simple to make those cute borders, I just need to do it more often! To help me keep them semi straigh I draw the top and bottom lines first then flip and connect the sides. It helps to not have to worry about the corners.

To add a little something to the apricot pannel I just rubbed the paper on the Apricot pad. When you do the direct to paper with this color it looks a suede or aged parchment to me, very rich and warm.

I think I'll crank out a few more of these to have on hand. I never seem to have enough birthday cards!


Sharlene said...

What a cute layout! Great colors, too.

Debbi said...

I have to remember my white gel pen too. This gives a great accent! Wonderful card. Love the DTP too!

Jana Emmert said...

Wow! This is fantastic.

Shannon Parks said...

I klnow what you mean about the white gel pen. LOVE IT!