Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slowing down the posts

I wanted to let everyone know I'm going to be posting less often because I'm busy creating things for the Stampin' Up Artisan Award contest. I decided last week I was going to go for this award where 10 winners are chosen from hundreds of submissions (maybe thousands?). I need to have 5 cards, 3 scrapbook pages, and 2 3D projects for a total of 10 items to SU by 3/31.
Everything has to be perfect and the best I can create. I've been working on this all weekend and have what I think will be 2 of my card submissions and 1 12x12 scrapbook page. I tell you the hardest of the projects for me are the scrap pages since I'm trying to make the best I've ever made but know I have to send it off and not get it back.
This is a huge deal for me since I've never submitted anything to anywhere before. I guess I might as well start big!
I'll be posting the "rejects" when I've ruled out submission. It doesn't mean this won't be cool stuff! For example the 3x3 Sweet cards from the last post were ruled rejects after I realized I wanted a larger card.
Happy stamping and wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!

Dorothy said...

Good luck! We will miss you. Hurry back!!

Suzy said...

Good luck! I hope you win :)

Unity Stamp Company said...

Positive energy! You will do WONDERFUL! Love your style!

AJ said...

good luck!! You have a great sense of style and will knock them over!!
sending you positive vibes!

Tracie said...

Good Luck to you!! I"m a brand new Stampn' UP! demonstrator and would LOVE to do something like that. I'm just building up my inventory, so maybe next year.

Good luck, love your blog.