Monday, April 7, 2008

Num Num

How can you not love a monkey with cookies? Whats even better is this guys name is Num Num! He's another Doodle Factory creature from Starving Artistamps.

I broke open a pack of adhesive paper from Target. It's called Autumn leaves and I just thought it was a good match for this guy. I did last week and this weeks SCS Tech challenge by using double ribbon and paper toile. There is a close up of the toile head and cookie jar below.

I've been tagged by AJ to list 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other people.

1) I love almost all the HBO series with the exception of Rome and Deadwood (probably just need to give these another try)

2) My favorite color is green and often have to force myself to get out of green shades when stamping.

3) I sing silly songs to my dog replacing his name with the lyrics, he loves it!

4) I have a bad Starbucks habit and visit every morning but I change up my order.

5) You might be suprised to learn I have a large tattoo on my upper back of a Welsh Dragon. I love wearing art.

6) I'm an IM maniac at work and have over 100 people I work with on messenger. I couldn't survive a conference call without it.

7) I go through phases with scrapping. Sometimes I'll go months without a single page done and then knock out 10 double layouts in a weekend.

I'm tagging: Linsey, Abby, Simonne, Shannon, Lori


Amber said...

He is very cute... and I love his name! I like how you popped him up, too. I have that same pack of paper from Target and I *love* it!

Silli said...

OMG, it is so cute! Very pretty.

~amy~ said...

Super Stinkin' Cute...

Rachel said...

I have a Starbucks addiction don't feel bad! After all, you live in Seattle! Speaking of, how do you like Seattle? I visited once and I loved it so much, but everyone complains about the rain.