Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gift Card Toutorial

Here are the instructions for a simple little gift card holder I adapted from something I saw a friend make. It uses very little paper and is perfect for using up scraps.
Supplies needed:
4" x 5 1/2" paper for the base
3/4" x 11" paper strip
sticky strip
punch for tab opening
eyelet, brad, or something to use as a closure

Step 1: Scoring
Score the paper at 2 1/2" and 5" (where my fingers are). You will be left with a 1/2" to apply adhesive to.

Step 2: Decorate and close
After decorating your paper as desired apply sticky strip to the scored tab.

Step 3: Fold and punch
Fold over the tab with adhesive so you are left with a flat sleeve for the gift card. Punch an opening near the top. I've used a small oval punch from Stampin' Up!

Step 4: Slide the pull into place
Fold the strip of paper in half and slide through the sleeve so that the end come out either side of the opening you have punched. You'll then want to secure the top closed with a brad or eyelet.

Step 5: Decorate and fill
After you have decorated your holder simply pull the strip of paper up and slide a gift card in between to be tucked back into the sleeve.

Step 6: Position the card and you're ready to give
You'll need to guide the card into place as it goes into the sleeve. It will pull up nicely for the person you give it to!

This was a tricky one to explain but I hope it makes sense and you'll make some of your own!

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Tammy Kollmansberger said...

What a wonderful gift card holder. Very clever and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a blessed day.