Monday, June 20, 2011

Smash Book Review

I LOVE the concept of Smash Books by EK Success. I'll even admit I thought I was totally above buying this smash book of theirs...I mean how hard is it to just get a journal & a sharpie and call it a smash book? I did exactly that the day I saw the idea and have started one for all things kids. Before dinner with my girlfriends on Friday I did a little shopping at The Paper Source and they had all the Smash products front and center.

I love the feel of the thick embossed covers and the different themes and patterns of each page. They were much more inspiring than blank lined paper like my own version has. There are pages with just titles like Top Ten, I am, Today was _________. Not to mention the cool papers that get your creative juices flowing. I picked up the book for $14.95 which isn't a bad price since it's what I'd pay for a great quality journal of the same size. I also picked up their little book of journal starters like the OMG one below, huge rubber bands for when it gets really stuffed, and some black dotted washi tape. I think I'll have more fun making my own tabs and clips so I left those on the table. My total investment was less than $25. The "smash stick" that comes with the book is a lot like a fine point Sharpie (the nib is a little smaller) and the other end is a glue stick.

Being that I was excited about my purchase I invited my friends, who will tell you they are NOT crafty, to help me out with my first entry. We pulled it out right at the table before dessert arrived and everyone got really into it! I mentioned it would be funny if some chocolate or drink dropped on the page. My friend Kathy dipped her finger right in the chocolate and began dotting her drawn finger tips! We loved it and made a pact to add to the page as we meet again and again.

Overall review is a big thumbs up! I can't wait to keep adding to this book and love the rule that messy is beautiful. Below is a link to the You Tube video on the product.


Annette said...

Cool...thanks for sharing..
love that video..

Vicky Hayes said...

I love the idea of the quickness of it but I think I'm a bit OCD to make one myself... or am I? Perhaps I could keep one in my bag and ask people to add things to it whenever I meet up with them!