Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Sunshine

For the latest Paper Crafts Magazine submission call there was a category for Sending Sunshine. Being that it's the dead of winter and I'm pathetically pale at the moment, it was a very appealing category. I knew it would be a popular one so I tried to think outside the box and stay away from yellow. My thought process behind this card was to use things that made me think of sun - strawberries, ice cream, clothes lines, sun bleached colors, and finally a touch of sparkle. I incorporated all this into a hand drawn sun ray pattern and was pleased with the end result.

The thing I love about submission calls is I push myself to try something different and I usually end up growing as a crafter and trying something new. This card is FAR more fussy than anything I've made in a long time but once I had that pattern drawn I was excited to see it come together.

If this was chosen I wouldn't be showing you now but the silver lining is getting show you a bit of sunshine in the dead of winter. Thanks so much for stopping by!


~amy~ said...

This card sings to me...I totally love it. I can't believe it wasn't picked up!

Izzy Anderson said...

Your card is so sweet. It definitely brought me some sunshine on this cold January day. Love it!