Sunday, January 13, 2013

Type Tray

I'd had a dream of creating a type tray collage ever since I first saw the one Ali Edwards created and showcased in her Life Artist book. My theme for 2013 is "All You Need Is Less" so the year started off with a major purge all throughout the house. Usually my craft room is spared from these efforts but not this time. It was actually the focus and starting place. I have two, yes two, actual type trays I've purchased from antique stores with aspirations of completing the project which has yet to even start. I've also had this mini reproduction type try from 7 Gyspies for at least 4 years with the idea a smaller one will be less intimidating. I vowed last weekend to put some of my longest hoarded items to use and that's just what I did today.

This tray features stickers which have words that are important to my family. They are from a sticker sheet that was one of the first paper crafting supplies I purchased back in 2004. I finally used them up! The papers are from a long forgotten scrap kit that was probably purchased about 6-7 years ago. I'm also proud to say this features a penny I flattened on the train tracks back in High School. It's out of a tiny keepsake box and on display. There's also the scrabble letters I had visions of creating god knows how many pendants from. It's time to use it, embrace the now, and stop the hoarding!

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