Sunday, July 21, 2013

Studio Tour Part 1

I had an unexpected overhaul of my craft room this weekend when I came across a new work station at Costco. If you see something at Costco you like, you better buy it because it may never be there again. This meant almost all my plans for the weekend were tossed and I was deep in a full overhaul of my craftroom. The new desk offers a TON more storage in ways that are for the most part much more practical in how I use my space than my previous desk.

I'm still getting used to a counter height workspace but I think I'll like it eventually. One thing I love is the depth of the workspace so I can spread out. The work surface is also a huge upgrade as my previous desk had give. Since I'm primarily a stamper this new surface is going to help prevent mistakes on my projects.

My old desk was modular which allowed me to reconfigure it into a stack behind my station. This makes the lack of drawers on the new desk a non issue.

The underside of the desk has  shelves that are a bit hard to reach because I set it up next to the wall. This turned out to be a great place to keep completed albums and use for photo storage.

More photos of my new paper storage will be posted next week. That is going to take a lot longer to clean up ;)


Rose said...

loving your new space!!! :)

Katy said...

Oh god I need that desk. I wish I could find it on the site. How much? :(