Friday, April 27, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now...

I admit it, I've made the jump into clear stamps! I've held off on this for a long time base on what I'd heard from others about the quality. Here's my review of acrylic stamps.

  • They take up much less space than wood mounted.
  • Much cheaper which makes it easier to justify buying a trendy image on a whim
  • You can line things up near perfect because you can see
  • They are flexible which makes for endless possibilities

  • The impression they make is no where near as crisp as my beloved red rubbah
  • A pro is that they can move but it's frustrating when something warps when not intended.
  • I loose these things on my table because they are hard to see and have to be slapped on a block each time.
  • I miss having the image in black on the block to envision how I'll use it. It's harder to get my stampin' mojo.

After using the Rhonna Ferrer stamps from Target, Fiskers from JoAnn's (sorry Julie), and PaperTrey Ink the best quality and impression is hands down PaperTrey. They are flexible but still firm and have the best image transfer of the bunch. I stamped the card below using the Green Thumb set. I was able to make a bucket out of the pot by flexing a stem into a handle. I was also able to flex the stem into different curves for each flower. I need to play with this set a bit more, but it's my favorite Acrylic set so far. I'm not thrilled with Acrylic's but they're a fun change and nice addition to my collection. Red Rubbah is still 1# in my book, nothing beats it.

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AJ said...

cute card! I'm still a die hard rubber fan also!!!