Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2 new things I've discovered

I've tried two new things with my cards for the Color Challenge on Tuesday and then with the Sketch Challenge on Wednesday. First was curling the flower on the Color challenge.

My ribbon discovery was this new to me, maybe not others. I knew this card needed some fiber but I was at a loss of how to add it and still be happy. I took just a strip of ribbon and punched a slit with my horizontal hand punch just before the end of my sentiment. I then wove the end through and had ribbon covering just the area on the card I wanted. I'm going to play with this idea some more and try to discover other applications.

I've cut this Doodle flower out I don't even know how many times but this is the first time I've curled the petals back. All I did was gentlybend the end of the petal around my finger and work it into a little curl. This gives amazing dimention to the flower. The most impressive thing to me was that I thought of this and created this card before 5am! The dog is sick so I decided to take on the day early but insisted I get the chance to play with my stamps before heading out to meet my ride into work.


AJ said...

Great colors, love both cards, and the layouts!! fabulous!
why aren't you stalking the Washington catty thread????

Angel W said...

OOOh...turned out so cute.