Monday, June 25, 2007

Find your stampin' Mojo

Do you ever get in a stamping rut and just don't feel like you can tackle another stamping project? It happens to the best if us I'm sure, I know it happens to me about once a month. A few years ago I was talking to Shannon Parks about this and she passed on some great advice to me. Just stamp some embelishments.

In other words take the design pressure off yourself and just make tags, or stamp a focal point and color it. When you're done just stash them away to be used later. It's so much easier to stamp and color an amazing flower with no expectation of how you'll incorporate it into a card or other project. After making a few of these and walking away I usually find myself ready to stamp again.

I was in the same mood this weekend and didn't make a single card other than the one in the last post. Instead I created a bunch of embelishments and completed 6 scrapbook pages and a full bitty book which will be a gift to my SIL for the upcoming birth of my Neice.

Wishing you each many blessings of Stampin' Mojo!


mustardseed said...

Just dropped by to see how you've been. You look darling in that photo and sure are talented and creative. :)


Angel W said...

GREAT idea!