Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fabulous Flower!

My new stamps arrived yesterday in the blazing 99 degree weather. It was nearly too hot to stamp...nearly. This was a real treat to be here since I was supposed to be in Toronto on a business trip when the package arrived. I mounted all my new sets and knew Fabulous Flowers needed to be the first set I played with. I need to make something for a swap with this card so I started to get the feel for it.

I used a lot of different techniques with this card. It was so hot I couldn't think straight and didn't plan it out. I first did a faux shaving cream treatment on the large flower by inking up that squiggly flower center in Regal Rose. It didn't have quite the effect I had hoped for so it looked pretty plain on the white paper. Then I added the other flowers to the GB to help bring in some other elements. I didn't want to take away the glory from the large dahalia so I stamped off before stamping onto the white.

I had then planned on matting and curling both layers of the torn edge on the sentiment pannel. After tearing I decided to apply ink to the torn edge which is something I haven't done in I don't know how l0ng. Then I played with the ribbon placement.

The final element to add was the glitter. I drew glue on the bottom half of all the letters in Fabulous and felt like I had to add a little to the flower too. It's tricky to apply when you already have the whole card glued together but it worked out okay.

This was one of those cards where you really don't like it all while working with it so you keep adding more and more then you come to a point where you say, okay...that was what it needed, I'm happy with it.

I can't wait to play tonight!


AJ said...

Great colors and layout Sarah~ All my cards this week turned out different than I envisioned!!

Shannon Parks said...

I love what you did with this set. The layout is perfect!