Monday, July 2, 2007

It's Here!

It's here, It's here! I had my box of catty's arrived on Friday and I enjoyed a quiet evening of browsing and oohing & aahing with my husband looking at me like I was crazy. My friend Tana and I have decided we need to meet up to look at it together in Dec just so we have someone to validate our excitement.

My new catty ritual is to sit down with a pen, highlighter, and pad of paper for a wish list. I start with the first page and won't allow myself to look ahead. I work my way through page by page evaluating every item. It either gets added to my wishlist (which has it's own priority clasification), bypassed, or highlighted if I own it. Only once I've made it all the way through to I alow myself to flip freely. Am I a dork or what? I know some of you have your ritual too, so spill!
This morning I got up right away when the alarm went off at 4:30 and logged onto the SU site to place my first order out of the new catty. I didn't get too crazy. Where I can really go overboard is in the accessories section. The new chipboad, ribbon, and designer papers are all to die for. And I LOVE the new scrappin kits that have textured paper in them now!
I can't wait to get my hands on the new rubber! I predict a summer full of stamping, my ideas won't stop coming, the journal is filling fast.

Oh and did I mention the new colors? They put them to work in the samples and I have a renewed appreciation for the In Colors. I honestly think this is the best Catty to date in my 4 years with SU. The trends are in it as well as nice new layout features.

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AJ said...

Glad they *finally* came, what's on your first order??