Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1 Layout 2 different ways!

One layout two different ways and themes! For the sketch challenge today I chose to attempt two cards, same layout, with different themes and to flip one (The Frog) from the original direction shown.

I love doing this and showing them side by side because it really showcases how you can take one layout and make it work over and over again yet still looking fresh each time.

The other key think that made it easy for me on these cards is using patterned paper that comes together. Many companys do the coordinating for you when you buy a mat pack or paper pack, just use different patterns within the pack and you'll have a perfect match each time.
I'm off to do a team building event and Ride the Duck downtown, ugh. I don't want to be a tourist in my own city, besides it's cold out there today!

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Joan said...

These are lovely. I especially love the top card. Great job!!