Sunday, September 16, 2007

Christmas in September

I spent the majority of the day canning things I intend to give as Christmas gifts so naturally when I sat down to stamp I wanted to make a few Christmas cards. Of course the new stamps I picked up at Impress on Saturday only added to the Christmas fever.

I've been looking for just the right snow globe stamp for a long time and I finally came across this Memory Box stamp and knew I had to have it. The only downside is I know if it was SU it would have come with a whole host of things to put in the globe and a cute sentiment, but I'm happy with Rudolph.

Another item I picked up was these fimo logs that were about an inch long. It came with 4 themes, Snowman, Santa, Gingerbread House, and Holly. You just slice off a bit of the log and use it as you like. Ive never seen these before and they were quite pricey ($13.25), but fun to use.

I've also thrown in a photo of the Habenero Gold Jelly I made. It's so yummy and has such beautiful color. I made 8 jars of it along with 8 pints of Enchilada sauce and 5 pints of Jalepeno jelly. In the next few weeks I'll finish canning for the year with Applesauce & Apple Pie Filling.


AJ said...

Great! THAAAAAANKS a lot!! Now, I have to RUN down to impress to check out the new goodies!! Your Christmas card is *so* adorable, LOVE it!! And I am going to learn how to can if it kills me!! Your jelly looks YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you share your habanero jelly recipe? Thanks. Rene' Tucker, Houston, TX