Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Fall Yall

One layer cards are a challenge for me. I mean come on, I've got loads of goodies I've been hoarding for just that perfect moment and you intentionaly want me to avoid them? They are hard to pull off and not have it look naked but I was up for the challenge.

I started this one off by taking a scrap piece of paper and rounding the corners. I then stamped the sentiment and covered with the scrap. I used what I thought was removable adhesive but after I finished stamping I found out I was wrong. AJ (Willowsmama) came to the rescue. She had mentioned in a thread a long time ago on SCS her favorite tool was her adhesive remover. I'd never seen the point of it but I figured if she loved it I probably would too and it was only around $2 after all. I rubbed that across the sentiment and viola, my mistake was gone and the card was salvaged!

So after I had the sentiment covered up I started stamping the leaves. For those I inked them and then thumped my markers on them in darker colors or rolled the edges around on a darker ink pad for a two tone look.

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AJ said...

OMG the adhesive remover is awesome!! Glad you were able to rescue your card!! I leave mine on my table with my bone folder, and scissors!!
Love the fall colors on your card, and no layers are fun (while difficult!) and you pulled it off!!