Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Best Thank You Ever!

Let me tell you what a surprise it was to open this Thank You card from my friend Shannon Parks! This may just be the coolest Thank You card I ever receive, it came in a huge custom made envelope and all. Shannon is the queen of hand created elements with detail. Take for instance her covered and painted chipboard with just the hint of gold dust on the Y square, and then how each petal from the chipboard has been painted yet another color and applied above. This girl has an eye for detail that will blow your mind. Love this card? Check out her blog. The best part of the new year is she's posting faster than I can keep up. She used to make me wait months for new pages or cards to appear.

I just had to post the card and a few of my favorite pannels to let you see how amazing she is.

So Miss Shannon... THANK YOU!!!!
Yes, that H really is filled with tiny glass beads!

Isn't the embossed circles and glitter pattern on the A cool?
Here's that amazing Y chipboard

And finally, what a cool little mirror accent!


Kraftin' Kimmie said...

WOW!! You're right, this is quite a creation!! What a wonderful piece of art!! You are a lucky girl!!

Shannon Parks said...

To Sarah : I’m so pleased you liked it.

To Everyone Else : What she isn’t telling you is that she totally spoils me. I got the best Christmas box in the mail from her with all kinds of goodies. Pepper Jelly, Apple Butter, Ribbon, Alpha Accents, Silk Flower Accents, a Handmade Bracelet, Chocolate Bars, and little Hot Wheel Cars (for Gavin – I think). I’m sure I’m missing some things on my list because it was a big box stuffed full of stuff, but this is what I remember off the top of my head.

Like I said… She Spoils Me!

Paula said...

What a nice, big, Thank you!!! Lucky to have such a great friend.

Melissa M. M. M. said...

These are so fresh & funky! I would have never thought of a mirror accent: AWESOME! :0) Mel