Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scratch & Sniff

You need to see this card in person, or rather smell this card, to get the full effect. The Tart & Tangy set is perfect for the scratch and technique. It's so easy too! Just mix 2 parts embossing powder (I used clear) to 1 part sugar free drink mix, such as coolaid, and emboss like normal. The sugar free part is important since the sugar will burn when heated.

I covered the S as best I could with my drying summer sun craft spot, dusted in the lemon scented embossing powder mix, and heated! The card now smells lemony fresh.

The lemon slices were super easy since they were stamped in Yoyo Yellow and then rolled in Summer Sun for a bit darker peel. Makes me want a glass of lemonade with maybe a splash of Kettle One.
EDIT: I just noticed after posting this card to SCS this is their featured technique today, what are the chances! I guess I have a subliminal connection with SCS.


Vera said...

What a great card, Sarah! Perfect summer card for a friend!

Maureen said...

What a great idea to case! I love the tart and tangy and lemon-y fresh sounds great!