Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Metal Die Storage

I've been busy at work creating cards to submit to publication which means they can't be shared online until I know their fate :) I did want to share my solution to storage for metal dies such as Spellbinders. Since I've found stamps and metal dies that are made for each other (such as many from Paper Trey Ink) I've been collecting quite a lot of these suckers. They are fairly inexpensive, very small, and above all easy to misplace!

I needed a way to store these that didn't involve a pile in a drawer or basket. I'll admit my solution isn't sexy but it's cheap and works GREAT! I cut up the thicker base that often comes in 12x12 paper packs to keep the sheets supported. These were cut to 5" x 6" and then I cut a strip of self adhesive magnet roll and applied to the card. I thought about stamping on them and making them cute but the magnet would just mess up anything I did and I plan on using these for years to do you pick an image you'll LOVE for years? I kept it simple and now I'm working on a cute container to store them in. Being able to flip through, see the name, and snap on & off the magnet has made these a dream solution for me...for under $5!

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Katy said...

You are incredibly creative! :)