Monday, May 2, 2011

Tin 'o Pins

Hey peeps! I've been lazy about posting to my blog but enough of that...I'm deeming this Mother's Day Week. I'll post as many card and gifts for Mom as I'm able. I'm starting with one I submitted to the Paper Crafts Holiday Cards and Gifts special addition call. This was a last minute idea I made about an hour before the call closed. I knew my chances of it being selected were slim since I didn't use Holiday themed paper but I went for it anyway. As I suspected, it wasn't chosen but that just means you get to see it now. I'm sharing this in the Reject Blog Hop started over at Damask Love.

This all starts with the tins you can find at Michael's made to hold gift cards. I picked up a Linkbunch of these when they were 3 for a buck. If you toss the top of the tin it makes the perfect holder for 4 clothes pin magnets. I lined the bottom with paper and then used thin scraps of paper to top the pins themselves. Adding a button to the end finishes the look.

Then all you need to do is apply some self-adhesive magnets on the back and they stick right in place when you put them in the tin. I used Cosmo Cricket's Social Club mini mat pack for this project. Using the mat packs makes this a snap because everything looks good together!


Emily Leiphart said...

This is adorable! I love the combination of papers, buttons and ribbons you used.

Glenda J said...

This is absolutely fantastic! I love it!!!