Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Smash Book Review #2

I posted a review just a little over a year ago on my new Smash Book purchase. I'm amazed that this blog post has gotten at least 20+ views every week since I've posted it. It tells me people are still intrigued by what I think is such a cool concept. I'm here to talk about what has become of the book in a year now that I became a Mom of 2 under 2 (one just hit the two year mark almost a month ago).

Just two weeks after I bought the thing and did my first entry we had to quickly clean out our "junk room" to make room for a baby. When I say quickly, I mean 12 hours. So...I'm still sorting through that junk little by little and come across all these things that I just can't part with but I have nothing I can do with them other than sitting in a box. That is until the Smash Book popped into my head! So far I've been able to preserve the memories of concert tickets that have no photos to go with, my Dad's pay stub from the late 60's, and doodles my husband did at work. Really lots of things.

Here is one of my favorite pages so far. It contains my first Mother's Day card, a photo of what my husband set out for me to wake up to that morning, and a bucket list we compiled on a place mat on date night. This stuff is plain cool and now I have a way to save it!

I've also started a book of memories for me to keep on the kids. This has silly photos of them, little things I've crafted to decorate their Easter Baskets, and odds and ends of pre-school projects that melt my heart. When I can share their names and photos I'll post them as well because those pages ROCK!

Bottom line is even though my book hasn't grown as much as I wanted in a year I still love it. It was the only kind of memory keeping I had time for as I learned how to be a Mom. It also saved me from tossing or maybe boxing up memories once again.

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