Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Big Three Oh!

My little brother is turning 30 today. I wanted to share the card a made for him. It features wood grain numbers and camera washi tape because he's a master at wood carving and photography.

Now is my chance to brag a little on my youngest brother. As an artist myself I have an enormous amount of respect that he has followed his heart and pursued art as his passion. He is working on supporting himself on his own pieces this year instead of supplementing his income by working for other artists. He sells hand made wooden rings that are beautiful - check them out here. He blends his photography skills in the video he made below about the process of making the rings.

100 Rings from Ian Gill on Vimeo.


Tenia Nelson said...

WOW!!! Your brother is VERY talented!!!! Love you card portrays your brother very well!!! Hope all is well...

~amy~ said...

seriously fun card and I love the video. His work is awesome.