Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Life Continued

As I mentioned in my previous post about Project Life, I started experimenting with using the concept to scrap events instead of weekly summaries. The small pockets make a lot of sense when you might have just 2-3 photos for a given week but I needed to figure out how to make some of the page layouts from my variety pack work for my needs. I can't just let them sit there! Here is the same layout done two different ways.

This is a bunch of photos from a family reunion. I packed in a lot of shots in just one page while still using 3 filler cards. The card on the bottom row was stamped with the camera and sentiment to customize.

The above layout from an Oktoberfest getaway had photos that couldn't be cropped down much. I just cut the photo and placed them in adjoining pockets.It works really well for almost all of them. The cardboard cutout of the St. Pauli girl did have her face sliced in half...oooops! There's still a poster of her in my husbands bar if we ever need to reference her face.

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