Monday, October 5, 2009

Faux Suede

Here's a card I made for the Faux Suede technique challenge. It's a technique I haven't used in years, simply because I forgot about it. All you need is paper and a bone folder, and really the bone folder is just to make it easy on you.

Just start curling the paper with a bone folder as if you were curling ribbon, alternating sides. as you do this over and over you'll see the layers of paper start to come apart. I continue until all for corners are "split" into two layers I can pull apart. Even then be sure to proceed with caution. It will become fragile and can tear easily. The good news is you now have two sheets to choose from!

I then stamped the sueded side with my cool medallion stamp and finished off with a little hardwear and ribbon treatment.

Here's a sneak peak at tomorrows post, it's a very fast little mini album loaded with Amy Butler fabric! I made this in the time I usually spend commuting, I'll tell you how tomorrow.


Susan (peebsmama) said...

That medallion design looks great with the faux suede technique. Cool card.

BLJ Graves Studio said...

Love your faux suede card! I bought that medallion stamp, but haven't used it yet. I think I will give it a go. :-)

~amy~ said...

Love both of your projects especially the Amy Butler one...gorgeous!!!

Jennifer Talley said...

Love your faux suede card. Very cool technique!

Kristin said...

Oh boy that Medallion is stunning with this technique! Who am I kidding- it is stunning with every and any technique! You are so creative pulling ribbon through the hodgepodge like that- LOVE IT!!

Your little album is wonderful! Just the kind of thing I'd dream of doing but never get around to for some reason. Way to go!

Cammy said...

Your faux suede card is absolutely beautiful! Stunning! I may have to try that myself.